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  • U-Prox MP S

U-Prox MP S

  • Brands U-PROX
  • Product Code:U-Prox MP S

• U-Prox MP S Wireless Alarm System Kit
• Panel 99 zone support,
• 30 partitions,
• 2G GSM + Ethernet communication for alarm monitoring center support and user control.
• 2600 mAh Li-ion internal battery,
• 24 hour standby time,
• External adapter 12V, 0.7A, .
• Black or white case color option.
• Android and IOS mobile applications for panel management;
•  User "U-Prox Home app"
• Installer management "U-Prox Installer app" mobile application and system management via WEB portal
* U-Prox U-Prox MP S
* U-Prox Keychain
* U-Prox Pet PIR Detector (20 kg)
* U-Prox Magnetic Contact

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